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The Financial Times used our binoculars in a shoot
These were made to be used buy the Ladies at the famous Royal Ascot Horse Racecourse. They are light and have a wide field of view.
Ref No: RARoss Price: £175 Size: 15cmx25cm
Large binoculars
We have acquired 4 very rare 35x150 military binoculars with the original mount and crank tripod. They are the biggest that we ever had. You can see the pictures buy looking at the polished binoculars section and clicking on the 35x150. We still have a pair in the original paint and the others have been polished. The optics are good and aesthetically they look great.

Testimonials 1 date 19/04/2012
Dear Bassam:

The binoculars and stand arrived today (Thursday)! Thank you so much. My wife was very pleased. Everything arrived in great shape and it took less than a week from when we purchased from you on Portobello Road for the binoculars and stand to arrive. Even though I was a little apprehensive in making such an expensive purchase from a stall in the middle of Portobello Road, we are extremely pleased and glad we did business with you. We will take the binoculars to our coast house this weekend. If you need a reference for other buyers in the USA, please have them contact me and I will give you a great reference, or print out this email and show it to them.

Again, many thanks for excellent packing, shipping and service.


Albert Hausser

San Antonio, Texas

April 19, 2012

Testimonials 2 dated: 03/02/2013
Reference Testimonial
Some time ago I received a nice pair of binoculars from Bassam Moujaes, Sisters Antiques in London. About two and a half year ago I came upon his stand in Portobello Market. Although i had no experience in binoculars I became interested in these beautiful binoculars and as I found them with very high quality. Recently I found the website and decided to buy a pair binoculars. After some correspondence I payed the binoculars by the internet bank account system and four days later I had the binoculars delivered to my house. Everything were in good order and now we have installed the binoculars with the wooden tripod in our cottage with a nice view in the Swedish West Coast. It has come to a nice practical use as well as a beautiful furniture in the house.

I can recommend Bassam Moujaes and Sisters Antiques.

Klas Ulenius
Testimonial 3 Dated 03/06/2013
We just opened our summer house in Larvik for the season. The beautiful WWII binoculars I bought from you have been put in its rightful place.

It is now the main piece of attention in the living room which overlooks the ship lane along the Norwegian coast. Thus we can see the ships passing by, without any trouble identifying each ship by name and type.

We take the opportunity to thank you again for the pleasant deal we were able to make at Portebello.

Best regards,
Morten Bryn

Testimonial 4 Dated 11/07/2013
We picked up the periscope from our friend today. It arrived perfectly and is beautiful in our house on the lake. It was a pleasure doing business with you. May the rest of your summer be pleasant and productive.
Ann & Dee Hency

Testimonial 5 Dated 27/02/2014
Dear Basam,
Many thanks for your detailed report.
Am very pleased with these binoculars and am sure will give
much pleasure.
Thank you,
Testimonial 6 Dated 05/05/2014
From: Warren Burroughs
Sent: Monday, May 05, 2014 5:25 PM
To: bassam moujaes
Subject: RE: Bassam-

Bassam- The binocs are fantastic! Thanks v much for your help and for the speedy delivery.



Testimonial 7 Dated 02/06/2014

Hi thanks vm for all the info, much appreciated.

Dimitro Nicolic
Mobile:07802 644 421
Testimonial 8 Dated 21/08/2014
Dear Bassam,

I received the Flak binoculars two days ago. They arrived unharmed. The optics are exactly as described. They are exceptionally clear. It is hard to believe the binoculars are 70 years old.

Thank you for the excellent service
Kind regards
Testimonial 9 Dated 20/02/2015
Hi I'm your client FROM Barcelona Spain,
that last weekend bought your binoculars, the shipping arrived perfectly. Thanks so much.
Tell me about you new productos please.
It was a pleasure .

Jorge Salvador 
Testimonial 10 Dated 12/05/2015
Good Morning Bassam,

Your Binoculars and tripod were delivered this morning in excellent condition and have are already set up and look good in my lounge room window.

Thank you very much for your notifications re the shipment which actually reached home a few days before I did.
Graham Watkins
Testimonial 11 Dated 23 September 2015
From: Christian Power
Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2015 5:18 PM
To: bassam moujaes
Subject: Re: Binoculars pictures
Hi Bassam,
I received the Binoculars Thank you they look amazing .
Please can you send me as much literature as you can on both Binnoculars year, country, size etc etc
Kind Regards ,
Testimonial 12 11 November 2015
Binoculars 10x80 Ref: p10x80C
From: stefano pantaleoni
Sent: Wednesday, November 11, 2015 1:56 PM
To: bassam moujaes
Subject: Re: R: Re: binoculars Pio x 80 c 40 x 46

Dear Bassam,
I got last saturdays the binoculars.
It's very beautiful.
thank you
Il Giovedì 5 Novembre 2015 11:23, bassam moujaes ha scritto:

Testimonial 13 Dated 16/11/2015
U-boat 8x60

Sent: Monday, November 16, 2015 12:48 PM
To: "Bassam Moujaes"
Subject: Re: Re: ITEMS PRICE

Hello Bassam,

I received it. Perfect!!! Keep in contact.

Best regards.


Testimonial 14 Dated 18/11/2015
From: Gjalt Kemp Scheepsantiek
Sent: Tuesday, November 17, 2015 12:52 PM
Subject: shipping
Hello Bassam,
The parcel just arrived in good condition, nice binocular, thanks.
Kind regards,

Testimonial 15 Dated 14/06/2016
From: "Todd Melton"
To: ""
Subject: Re: Re:
Date: Tue,01 June, 2016 21:12
Hi Bassam,
We received the binoculars back. Thank you they look really nice and there is no longer a double image. The shades look great as well.
Kind Regards,

Testimonial 16 Dated 14/06/2016
From: Mark Martin
Sent: 4 June, 2016 12:11 PM
Subject: Hello from Corfu

Hi Bassam - the binoculars are terrific.

Do you still have the 10x50 periscope? If so, how much is it and how "tall" is it?

Mark (your best customer!)
Testimonial 17 Dated 08/06/2017
Has arrived and I am pleased. Michael.

Sent from my iPad

On 8 Jun 2017, at 09:45, bassam moujaes wrote:

royal mail BH122522148GB

From: Michael Bell
Sent: 7 June, 2017 11:32 AM
Testimonial 18 Dated 28/04/2017
Dear Bassam
The Binoculars are fantastic, thank you very much
Best regards

Steve Oates
Sent from my iPad

On 28 Apr 2017, at 08:25, bassam moujaes wrote:

Testimonial 19 Dated 21 November 2017
Good morning Bassam
I hope all is well.
I have now got the tripod back home and must say it looks fantastic. Thank you so much for all of your help in getting this sorted.
Thank you!
Kindest Regards
Testimonial 20 Dated 8 March 2018
From: chris harrison
Sent: Thursday, 8 March, 06:26
Subject: Binoculars
To: Bassam Moujaes

Magnificent! they are absolutely super thank you! I just want to check that I should have 3 pieces- the tripod, the binoculars and a round silver bit to put the binoculars onto t 
Testimonial 21 Dated 23 of April 2018 from Chris Harrison France
From: chris harrison
Sent: Monday, 23 April, 06:20
Subject: Re: Binoculars  10x80 world war II on Stand. Superb quality REF: P10x80C Ref No: P10x80C
To: Bassam Moujaes

He Loves them…!
Testimonial 22 Dated 12 of July 2018
We love them! Thank you so much!
From Hanna NY USA  
Testimonial 23 dated 24 December 2018 From Christopher in France:
Bien reçu, merci beaucoup ! Mon père est très content ! :)

Joyeux Noël !

Testimonial 24 Tuesday 7th April 2020
Re: Kreigsmarine 8x60 u boat commander binoculars
Safely here Bassam and beautifully wrapped,all is well-a truly lovely set ,I am very pleased,thank you,David. 
Testimonial 25 Wednesday 15 July 2020
Hi Bassam,

I received the binoculars today. It looks awesome and works perfectly. Thank you so much!
All the best
Testimonial 26 September 2020
Both packages have arrived this morning, in perfect condition, thanks a lot, I’m very very happy with this !
Testimonial 27 October 2020
I just wanted to let you know that the binoculars arrived safely and we’re very happy with them!
Do you have any kind of certificate that mentions a bit of history / age of the binoculars? We’re just curious and would like to keep something like that in our possession.

All the best from San Francisco,

Testimonial 28 June 2021
Hi, Bassam. Finally had a chance to look at this today, and it went together great :) Very happy with it.
Needed just a touch of sanding as you suggested. Photos were very helpful.

Here's a shot of it put together.

We'll enjoy this for many years. Thanks again.

Testimonial 29 January 2023
Bonjour M Moujaes
En photo ci joint la lunette achetée la semaine dernière
Un ami est intéressé par la lunette US dans votre maison , l anglaise ou la japonaise
Pourriez vous m envoyer les photos et les prix
Testimonial 29 January 2023
Bonjour M Moujaes
En photo ci joint la lunette achetée la semaine dernière
Un ami est intéressé par la lunette US dans votre maison , l anglaise ou la japonaise
Pourriez vous m envoyer les photos et les prix
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